Discover Hunza Valley and its Culture


Allah Almighty blessed Pakistan with beautiful and natural beauty. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world to explore hunza valley and its culture. It has a several places that covered with beautiful scenes. Such wonderful scenes make a person think about Allah’s creativity. Hunza is the most beautiful area of Pakistan. It covers with a beautiful mountains valley. It is located in Gilgit- Baldistan in the northern part that connects China with Pakistan. It is the homeland of adventures treks such as K2 base camp trek, Concordia trek and gondogoro la trek. It is surrounded by many high peaks mountains included Rakaposhi, Ladyfinger peak and Hunza peak. A capital of this town is baltit is also known as Karimabad. 

Weather OF Hunza Valley

The climate of Hunza is average in summer. In summer the temperature is about 14 degree Celsius but in July, August it reaches to 31 degrees Celsius or even more. The people of Hunza are friendly, cooperative and hospitable. Generally they speak Urdu language but some other languages are also spoken such as Shina, Wakhi and Burushaski.

Geographic Representation of Hunza Valley

Hunza valley has three type of divisions such as Gojal valley, Lower and Upper Hunza. Hunza Valley has different beautiful and natural scenes which are the attractions for tourists. Every year thousands of tourists visit and enjoy the beauty of Hunza Valley.

Places for Visiting in Hunza Valley

Tourists visit this valley for the view of two famous forts known as Altit and Baltit fort. The Altit is the oldest fort in the north and it is located in Altit village. It is built with great design on a mountain rock where the Hunza River flows. Baltit fort is a beautiful fort in Hunza valley which is built at the top of Karimabad. The Baltit fort is turned into museum after renovation.

  1. Beautiful Cultural Things of Karimabad Hunza Valley

In Hunza the bazaar of Karimabad is famous for its handicrafts, handmade carpets, embroidered caps, shawls, hand-woven cloth and gemstones such as Ruby. The Ruby stones are famous for tourist’s attraction. The Hunza Valley is famous for its rough mountains and the mountains which are covered with snow. Many of the people came to Hunza to get a view of the shining ice wall of the Rakaposhi Mountain. Famous mountains of Hunza are Passu peak, Ultra peak and Kuksel SAR.

  • Khunjerab Pass:-

Khunjerab pass is the Point where Pakistan connect with its neighbor China. The Khunjerab National Park and the Khunjerab pass are the reason for tourists to visit Hunza Valley.

  • Gojal Valley:-

Gojal Valley is famous for its lakes. Attabad Lake is situated in Gojal valley. This lake was formed due to heavy land sliding in 2010 that blocked the flow of water in the Hunza River. Now it is a famous place for tourist for picnic. This Lake is also popular for boating lovers.

  • Duiker Valley:-

Duiker Valley provides tourists with beautiful views of the Hunza River and Karakoram Highway. Duiker Valley has turned into a famous place to visit. It also includes the beautiful views of Rakaposhi and the Golden Peak but people from all over the world visit this Valley to enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset views.

Glaciers in the Hunza Valley

Pakistan’s most popular and long glaciers are found in the Hunza Valley. The famous glaciers in Hunza are Batura glacier, Hussaini glacier and Passu glacier. All these glaciers are situated in Gojal Valley. These glaciers are the attraction of thousands of local and international tourists every year. Opportunities for hiking are vast in the Hunza Valley.

Ruling Family

In Hunza there are royal families. The ruling family in Hunza is called Ayeshe the ruling person is known as the Mir of Hunza. The current Mir of Hunza is Mir Mohammad Ghazanfar Ali Khan.

Fruits in Hunza

There are different types of fruits in Hunza the most common fruits are apples, apricots, grapes and peaches etc. Cherry and Apple are one of the most famous fruits of Hunza Valley.

Traditional Foods to Enjoy in Hunza Valley

There are many food dishes that the local people loves to eat in which some of the items that are special of this Valley listed below

  1. Chapshuro
  2. Gyaling/Gral
  3. Buroshapik/Ghilmindi
  4. Diram pitti
  5. Tumoro tea
  6. Hoilo Garma
  7. Buttering Doudo
  8. Harisa


All areas of Hunza Valley is easily accessible in own car or own vehicle. Due to easy road access People get the car at rent from Lahore or Islamabad to explore the beauty of Pakistan.