How to Trek K2 Basecamp Pakistan

Where is the K2 Base Camp Trek

The trip to reached K2 Basecamp starts from Skardu, Skardu is the capital of karakoram region and a getaway to K2 and other peaks. The base camp of K2 is in the karakoram range of Himalayas in the Gilgit-Baldistan region of Pakistan. K2 is the second highest mountain in the world with the height of 8611 meters (28,251 feet). It has the most difficult and challenging treks on the planet with beautiful views of the surrounding peaks, glaciers and valleys.

 In Skardu trekkers can leave their extra luggage in hotel rooms or tour operator’s offices.From Skardu by passing along the Indus River and then Brarldu River trekkers reached to Jhola camp, The distance from Skardu to Jhola Camp is of 7 hour travelling.

Trekking To K2 Base Camp from Skardu

Johla Camp: The K2 base camp trek starts from Jhola camp and takes upto 12 days. The journey from Skardu to Johla Camp is about 7 hour. When you leave the small green meadow lands of shigar valley behind then the mighty Karakoram disclose its magnificence views. Huge rocks which are sharped will show at the side of the broad valley.

Paiju Peak: Hiking from Johla Camp the hikers will setup their camps under the shadow of the Paiju peak with good camping facilities Dust bins, wash basins and toilets cubicles built and maintained by the Tourism department of Pakistan.

Concordia: Another day which leads you to the gigantic rough arena of Concordia which is known as the heart of the Karakoram mountain range. The eyes attracts from the Gasherbrum and the broad peak which covers with shining snow and sharp black rocky cliffs of K2. Here hikers spend their evening and pitch their tents on the campsite and also spend the night under the sky full of stars enjoying the view of mighty K2. Trekkers have two options to reach the K2 base camp they can either make a long distance of 12 hours trip from Concordia or hike to broad peak base camp and spend a night there. K2 base camp is not the place of yellow tents and a place of peace, compassion, strength and wisdom that’s found at the foot of Everest. There are no famous signs you may find instead of rock pile that marks the site. Hikers find that are alone at the K2 base camp depending on the number of climbing expeditions and the time of the season.

K2 is the 2nd highest peak on earth stands proudly as an award at the base of over two vertical miles of ice and rock. Depending on the planned route trekkers cross towards Gondogoro la pass which ends in the Hushe village in Khapulu valley or adopt the same route back to Jhola. Gondogoro la pass is another way to the Karakoram that provides a close up views of K2, broad peak and other popular peaks. Crossing the Gondogoro la pass is challenging for the trekkers. Trekkers should have the knowledge how to use an ice axe, ropes, and crampons. Whichever route you decided to take a trip across the Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan to the foothills of K2 which is world classic and high altitude with fabulous mountain scenery.

Best Time to Do K2 Base Camp Trek

The best time to do K2 base camp trek is in the months of July and August. At the same time trekking season in the Karakoram mountains in the mid of June through mid-September. The weather is unpredictable in the Karakoram Mountains with snow, rain, wind and decreases the temperature especially at night


The trekking region of K2 is much more challenging than the trampled treks of Nepal. The trail of trekking is on the surface of Baltoro and Godwin-Austen Glaciers.

Porters and Camping Equipment For Hiking

You can hire porters, and they will carry all your items. They provide all the camping equipment such as kitchen tent, sleeping tent, mess tent, chairs and dining tables.


Camping is the option for trekkers to accommodate their selves during the K2 base camp trek in the Baltoro region. Make sure that the mattress use by the trekkers is thick warm under the sleeping bag because some of the camps are on the surface of Glaciers.

Is the K2 Base Camp Trek Is Safe

K2 base camp trek involves some certain risks and safety considerations like other high-altitude trek. However, go with proper preparation, planning and preparations. Some of the important safety measures to keep in mind while trekking to K2 base camp in Pakistan.

1. Altitude Sickness

High altitude of K2 trek cause sickness which needs immediate treatment. It’s important to pay attention to any symptoms of altitude sickness.

2. Weather Conditions

The weather is so unpredictable and severe in the Karakoram Mountains. Trekkers should prepare for weather conditions, including snow, wind and cold temperature.

3. Navigation

The trek to K2 base camp can be complicated in the areas without clear marks. Trekkers should follow their mountain guide; have a map, compass and GPS device and familiar how to use.

4.  Local Customs and Culture

Trekkers should respect their local traditions and culture and must follow the guidelines from the local authorities.


Overall, trek to K2 base camp is safe by having appropriate precautions and being well prepared. Trekkers must go with a reputable trekking company with qualified guide to ensure security and safety throughout the trek