Snowfall in Murree | A Winter Dream Come True

People from nearest areas of Islamabad comes to Murree in the winter to enjoy the snow fall in Muree. The distance of Muree hill station is about 50km from Islamabad. From the month of November to February, it snows a lot. It snows from the middle of December to the End of January. Visitors are amazed by what they see when Snow covers the Trees, mountains. Children and teenagers in particular are among the most enthusiastic observers of snowfall. People love it when it snows. When it’s chilly outside, they also like playing with snowballs. Murree Pakistan is one of the most picturesque locations to witness snowfall.

Location Around Muree to Enjoy Snow Fall

A) Pindi Point

Pindi Point is a beautiful view point in Murree, Pakistan. It is a famous tourist spot for those who comes to snowfall in muree because it has beautiful views of the mountains nearby. People love the Pindi Point Chairlift because it gets them to the top of the point, where they can enjoy the views from all around. The Pindi Point Chairlift is 1,200 meters (3,937 feet) long. The distance of Pindi Point from Muree Mall road is about 2 km. Following activities, you can enjoy in snow fall season at this point

  • Enjoy Chairlift
  • You can buy gifts and handmade goods from the area at the Pindi Point Bazar, which is a traditional market.

B) Kashmir Point

Kashmir Point is a beautiful lookout point with stunning views of the Kashmir Hills. At an amazing 7,500 feet above sea level, it’s the highest place in the area. Because of this, many people like to visit to take in the views. You can see the Kashmir Himalayas’ lush valleys and snow-capped peaks for miles on a clear day. Kashmir Point is easy to get to by car from GPO Mall road.

Following activities, you can enjoy in snow fall season at this point

The Murree Safari Train, a delightful small train that moves through the hills and offers breathtaking views of Kashmir Point, it gives a unique experience to tourists in snow fall

C) Nathia Galli In Winter

When it snows, Nathia Gali is a real winter paradise do to its highest point of Gilyat muree. This lovely hill town is in Pakistan Gilyat. When it snows season, it turns into a picture-perfect winter wonderland. There are hills and trees covered in snow all the way to the eye. As well as sliding and snowball fights, people can enjoy the beautiful views of this peaceful winter scene. Winter Snowfall by Nathia Gali is a must-see for anyone who wants to feel the magic of the season in a peaceful and lovely place. The distance of Nathia Gali from Muree GPO Mall road is about 35 Km.

Safety Tips

If you make a plan to visit muree in this winter season following safety measures should be taken

  • Make sure you stay warm by putting on clothes. Protect yourself from the cold by making sure you have a good winter jacket, warm clothing, gloves, a hat, and a scarf.
  • Keep Snow chain in your car
  • When going on snowy or icy roads, be careful. Walk carefully on snow
  • Bring a basic emergency kit with you that has a lamp, a first-aid kit, and some snacks that won’t go bad in case something goes wrong.
  • Make sure you know about the road conditions and temperature in Murree before you go. Plans can be thrown off by sudden changes in the weather.
  • When you use heater in your car, make sure that your car should not air tight and a little bit glass window should down so continue air crossing.
  • When there are a lot of people enjoying the snow in a busy place, be careful of other people. Allow them to enjoy their time and keep them from running into each other during snowball games.

You can see panoramic views of Murree from your own car. If you don’t have a car, don’t worry—there are many rent-a-car companies in Islamabad that offer cars for people in the northern parts of Pakistan.


In the end, seeing snow fall in Murree is nothing less than amazing. The beautiful scenery of this charming hill town in Pakistan, covered in pure white snow, make it a winter wonderland that takes people’s hearts. The winter in Murree has something for everyone. Building snowmen is fun, snowball fights are exciting.