Top 7 Fast food restaurant in Lahore

When you make a plan to make a trip your trip will not complete until you get a delicious food to eat. This article is write for specific for fast food lovers who comes to explore Lahore city of Pakistan and want to get a delicious fast food deal.


Subway is an American fast food franchise. Subway is the fastest growing fast food restaurants in the world. Subway Brand is famous by their sandwiches and salads items. In fast food industry subway provides great taste and better food quality. In Pakistan it is one of the fast growing business and had near about 100 branches in Pakistan. People of Pakistan are familiar with subway’s products and their quality. They provide all fresh items in salads that makes them different in fast food restaurant industry. Prices are not much expensive. All sandwiches are under 1000/- rupees such as chicken fajita, chicken teriyaki, chicken tikka, chicken peri Peri, veggie cheese toasties etc.

Burger King

The operations of Burger King Fast food restaurant started by the in the year 2013 in Lahore. it is one of the famous fast food restaurant in Lahore pakistan. The ingredients, recipes, and online burger king presence defined their brand for more than 40 years. Their Main goal is to cater the maximum number of customers to provide them quality of fast food, while maintaining burger king’s image and Quality. They prepare food and give quick service to their customers more accurately and in a cleaner environment than their competitors. The famous fast food product of burger king are the burgers and more specific ‘’The Whopper Sandwiches’’ it is a thick juicy beef steak burger from which burger king is known all around the world.


               Hardees fast food lahoreHardee’s fast food restaurant open their first branch in Rocky Mount North Carolina in early 1960’s by Wilber Hardee. They offered fast service and drive thru to their customers. Hardees gained popularity and the chain grew fastelly in different countries . it is one of the oldest fast food restaurant in lahore.There are about 200 Hardees fast food restaurants including international locations. Hardees fast food restaurant first branch was opened in Lahore at M.M.Alam road in 2009 and the business grew rapidly. Hardees operating 25+ restaurants in Pakistan in different cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Gujranwala and others. Hardees is famous for its burgers but the common is Famous star with beef petty topped with American cheese , sliced onions, tomatoes, special sauces and mayonnaise on a toasted potato bun.


               Fri chicks fast food restaurant in lahore Fri-chicks is a famous Pakistani fast food restaurant brand that was established in 2002 and has more than 45 branches all over the Pakistan. Fri chicks follow the international criteria and standards for their recipes and made according to their techniques with most ingredients chosen very carefully with the combination of spices that’s why many of customers satisfied with Fri-chicks food. Fri-chicks are famous in crumbed fried chicken that beats all fast food brands working in Pakistan. Fr-chicks provides real recipe, real taste, and real fried chicken. Fri-chicks offers food like burgers, shawarma, paratha rolls, pizza, steaks, pasta and many more. Fri-chicks served several of customers for the past 16 years and they committed to maintaining quality and taste. Careeme pizza of Fri-Chicks is famous among its fast food menue


Chezious fast food restaurant in lahoreCheezious is the fast growing restaurant recently operating in 2012 in the different cities of Pakistan. The main target behind establishing Cheezious was to provide the best fast food rates and food to fast food lovers. Cheezious has maintained its standard with budget-friendly rates this is why within a less passage of time Cheezious gained huge customer loyalty in Pakistan. Cheezious fast food restaurant is going to be the fast operating fast food restaurant in different cities of Pakistan. The best thing about the Cheezious is that if you want to eat something super delicious at midnight Cheezious will be available at that time and help you to fulfill your need. Cheezious have near about 30 branches all over the Pakistan.

Johnny and Jugnu

             Johny and Jugnuu In these modern days Fast food is something that can never get any end. Fast food is the one of the cheapest options when you feel appetite. Due to economical option fast food restaurant industry growing in Pakistan from last 3 years.  However,Johnny and jugnu introduced their brand with a unique idea from three young individuals makes this new fast food venture. The place is not enough for the sitting that only offers take away. They wish to keep the rates low to be able to provide the food at very reasonable prices. The menu isn’t very large but they offer a number of different food items. They are famous for their burgers, wraps and sauces like Chicken fillet burger, weshi zinger burger, Chicken tortilla wrap and more. There are number of branches located in Lahore and had a planned to open more branches in different cities of Pakistan.

Eggs Pectation

The first branch of Eggspectation was open in Canada in 1993. With the good thoughts and planning they open a fast food restaurant. Introduce their eggspectation menu to their loyal customers to spread a good taste. Their restaurant atmosphere is calm and clean and they made very tasty modern cuisine. Eggs Pectation restaurant has some branches 1 in Islamabad and 2 in Lahore. They are always focused on their service and towards  providing better eating environment to their customers. There are different varieties of food in eggspectation menu which you can try and enjoy the taste of food.