Ganga Choti is a high mountain peak of the Ganga Choti mountain range in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is located at an elevation of 2.785m (9,137ft) above sea level and was considered one of the highest peaks in Kashmir before it was demoted to a subpeak of nearby Pir Kanthi . Ganga Choti is a sightseeing retreat which is the best place to treat oneself and enjoy the beauty of nature in a calm, peaceful and natural environment.

The mountain is not very steep and it has some shale layers scattered around its surface from which water oozes out when soaked by rain or snow melt. It feeds many small streams that flow down to meet the great Jhelum River below it. It also has a lot of green vegetation on its slopes that attracts many birds every year in winter season to spend their winter here and enjoy the lush green pastureland all around.


It is located in the middle of the Bagh region and occupies an area of about 2 kilometres. It has a little plateau on its top with an elevation of about 3000 feet from sea level. Its distance from Bag Azad Kashmir city is about 29 Km and it is 1.5 hour driver. You can stay at Sudhan Gali which is near to Ganga Choti. Rest houses are available at Sudhan Gali that are available at better price. You can take jeep to visit Ganga Chooti from Sudhan Gali that is available at cheap price.

The access roads are more beautiful than the old one, but if you don’t want to stay at Sudhan Gali, then it’s better to go back to Bagh City.

Its Distance from Islamabad is About 198 Km. it is 5-hour drive from Islamabad you can make one day trip from Islamabad to visit this beautiful place.

Weather Condition

This section is about the weather in Ganga choti. It can be rainy at any time, and rain will last for hours. The risk of rain is higher during the monsoon season June-September, so you should always come prepared for rain.

Temperature is pleasant