What to do when your rent a car get into an Accident

Renting a car is considered an economical and efficient way to accomplish your short-term traveling needs. You need to prepare for any unexpected circumstances like an accident on the road or any breakdown on the road while traveling in rent a car. It is important to know what one should do in case of any unfavorable situation like an Accident on the road while using rent a car.

  1. Check your passenger’s safety,

The first step you need to ensure is Your safety and your passenger’s safety. If you are on the highway in case of an accident, move the car to the side of the main road so that traffic flow does not disturb. And switch on the parking lights. And check that either you or anyone who are with you required any medical treatment. If yes, then call the helpline at 1122 for first aid service.

  • Collect Data about Accidents:

Get information like the Name, and Number of people who were involved in the accident. Get the other driver’s license Number who was involved in the accident. Note the Number plates of other vehicles which were involved in the accident. Take the photograph of the damaged vehicles and Injured people if they allow. This collected information not only helps to claim the insurance but is also helpful in case of any Police Case, this collected information can be present as evidence of an accident to the police if they investigate.

  • Report to rental car company

Immediately report renting a car company about the accident. If possible then send pictures of their damaged car and some photos of the accident place with the proper time and date. In this case, they will help you to claim your insurance or claim the insurance of their vehicle. Each rental car company has a different policy for dealing with accident cases that they clearly mentioned in their terms regarding the accident in the rental agreement, go through the rental agreement, and read and understand the policy in case of an accident.

Normally rent a car companies mention the following terms for dealing with accident

  1. They mention the term: Vehicles are not insured, in case of any accident or loss of vehicle client will be responsible
  2.  They mention the term: A specific percentage of insurance is covered not 100% in case of an accident.
  3. They mention the term: vehicle depreciation charges will be payable by the client in case of an accident at a specific percentage.
  4. They mention the term: the rental amount will continue to charge during the vehicle under-recovery in the automobile workshop.
  5. Put a request to rent a car company to replace your car

if it is not possible to travel in the accidental vehicle then request your rent-a-car company to replace your car and save your time

  • Get help from an authority.

If you have any concern about your rights and any conflict or dispute arise with other drivers who were involved in the accident, then you need to immediately contact with particular authority like the National highway authority.


No one wants an accident, but if someone faces this unfavorable situation he should follow these explained steps. Following the above-mentioned steps will minimize his stress and will resolve the matter. Collecting all information about the accident and report timely to your rent a car company and the insurance company will help to resolve the matter in the best way