Renting a car for someone else a Step-by-Step Guide


            As compare to renting a car for yourself, hiring car for some one else entails some extra steps. In this article we are going to discuss steps how to renting a car for someone else. By following these steps we guarantee you will make successful rent a car transaction for someone else.

  1. Review the rent a car company Policies

Read carefully rent a car company rules and restrictions for hiring a car for someone else. Third Party rentals may be a subject to some additional rules or restrictions as compare to rental for yourself.

  • Necessary information of Third Party

Get all necessary detail from the person for whom you car going to reserve car. It normally includes his Full Name, his CNIC Number, his driving license Number, date and area of his travel and any additional information which required by the rent a car company.

  • Make reservation

For making reservation contact with the sale person of rent a car company directly or visit their website if they allow online reservation for someone else at their website. Give the rental company all information of third party and clarify them that you are renting a car on their behalf. By providing such information rent a car company will labelled you as principle renter and provide your own details as well to rent a car company.

  • Ask for  to add Driver

Make sure that the person for whom you are going to reserve car will drive car himself or is he need driver? If Third party need additional driver ask rent a car company to add driver in your rental agreement. They will charge extra charges of driver in rental agreement.

  • Payment Policy

Find out the rental payment method and clarify to rental car company either you want to make payment by yourself or the third party for whom you are reserving car will make payment. Provide all payment information to rent a car company.

  • Insurance Policy

Read insurance policy carefully and understand the insurance coverage. If the third party is liable the communicate to the third party about the insurance coverage to avoid any inconvenience in future.

  • Review the rental agreement

Read the rental agreement and send to the third party Ensure that all terms and conditions, rental period, decided prices, area of travel is clearly mentioned in it

  • Provide required documentation:  bring the required documents Like original ID Card, Driving license, credit card at the time and location where you will receive you rent a car for someone else.


For renting a car for someone else is successful if you clarify rent a car company that you are making reservation for someone else and provide all information of third party which required by the rent a car company and do not hide any information.