The rent a car for pick and drop process from one city to another city can be stressful for the customer and the car rental company. Every car rental company will want to get their vehicle back on time. Customers have various questions when they book rent a car from one city to another city drop. They need to know how car rental companies charge for pick and drop from one city to another city, and how one city to another city drop timing will apply. In this article, we are going to give you some tips if you want to book a car for pick and drop from one city to another city

  1. Select your Plan or Decide rate

You need to decide what their Pick-up and drop-off rates should be. The company could make the cost for a one-way trip more expensive than the round-trip cost, or they could have different rates for different days, routes and areas of travel. Rent a car company normally consider the following factors while calculating the cost of pick and drop

  1. Fuel Prices at that time
  2. Km Will Travel from your pickup destination to Drop off destination
  3. How much time does it takes to pick from one location and drop off and time to return back to the pickup point.
  4. Road condition in this area
  5. Type of vehicle
  6. Driver night or day allowances
  7. Toll Tax charges at route

Normally rent a car companies has ready plan of most visited cities for example askari rent a car Lahore has standard rate of some city pick and drop by considering fuel prices at current date 24-Aug-2022

Lahore to Islamabad Drop Charges of Corolla/Yaris Rs 24,000.00

Lahore to Multan Drop Charges for Corolla/Yaris Rs 23,000.00

Lahore to Faisalabad Drop Charges for Corolla/Yaris Rs 14,000.00

Lahore to Peshawar Drop Charges for Corolla/Yaris Rs 29,000.00

  • Advance Payment or Security Deposit

A security deposit or advance money is usually a sum of money held by a car rental company to ensure that your booking is confirmed and they adjust this from your final invoice. Always get the company’s official bank account number for payment transfer from the car rental company and do not deposit or transfer funds in any individual person’s account.

Ask car rental company about their policy regarding advance payment in case of cancellation of trip. Normally rent a car company offers the following options to their customers.

  1. Advance payment is not refundable in case of cancellation, Advance payment or Security deposit can adjust in another car rental trip.
  2. Advance Payment or security deposit is refundable if trip cancel before 24 hour
  3. Sometimes rent a car company offers to their customers that advance payment is refundable in case of cancellation of a trip.
  • Get your Booking Confirmation Slip

Having a booking confirmation slip from your rental car company can be very useful when renting a car. This will help you to safeguard your rights in case of any dispute. The reservation slip has details about your pick and drop reservation and it is the first thing that you should pay attention to after you’ve booked your rental.

  • What documents need to present driver to pick you

The process of picking up a rental car can be stressful without all the required documents. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the pick-up process and provide you with all the documents that you need.

  1. Your Original ID Car which you presented at the time of booking
  2. Your Booking Confirmation Slip
  3. Car rental Log Book

Ask the driver to show you the rental log book and verify mentioned information at the Log Book.

  1. Pickup time
  2. Pick Up Location
  3. Current Meter Reading
  4. Drop off location
  5. Driver Name
  6. Vehicle Number
  7. Sign off the Car rental log book and close time Km Travel

When rent a car company driver drop off you at your desired location not down the Drop off Time and Current Km Reading at car rental log book and sign the rental log book and take the picture for your record.