Rent a car or Public Transport Which Should select to Explore Lahore?


Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan. Due to business hub and its historical importance many businessman and tourists comes in Lahore at daily basis from different cities of Pakistan. The one who is coming from other city by air or by Train the first decision he has to make is the selection of Transport for his movement in the city Lahore. Both modes of transportation have its own advantages and disadvantages, you can select the one which is most suitable to you by considering their pros and cons.

Benefits of Rent a car in Lahore

  1. You have the freedom of exploration when you take car at rent. You can go anywhere any place. Rent a car is not required specific rout permit, it just like a private car and you can take it anywhere in the city Lahore.
  2. Time is money by renting a car you can save your valuable time. By taking a car at rent, you do not have to wait like waiting for public transport, That’s increase your productivity and you do more work or explore more areas of city Lahore in a short period of time.
  3. When someone comes in Lahore after a long travel by Air or by train, the first priority of his is to have a comfortable transport for his movement in the city Lahore. Having private vehicle ensures the comfortable travel experience which is not available in public transportation, especially in peak hour when public transport is full with crowed.
  4. Privacy is the first priority of business travelers; Business travelers can make private calls or can make online meetings only in Private car this facility is not available when travel in Public Transport.

Disadvantages of Rent a car

Everything which gives benefits also bring some disadvantages.

  1. Rent a car is expensive as compare to Public Transport it includes Rental Cost, Fuel Cost, Parking Cost and driver allowance. You need to consider these cost when make a decision about selection of rent a car and making your travelling budget.
  2. Lahore is the business hub and is the busiest city of Pakistan. Due to high traffic and limited space finding parking is challenging and it is difficult to find especially in the peak hours.

Benefits of Public Transport

  1. Public transport is the most cheaper mode of transportation. It saves your money if you travelling alone and your budget is tight.
  2. Using public transport gives you the freedom from finding parking in busy areas and using navigation to track your destination.
  3. Using public Transport in the city gives the cultural experience of the people of Lahore when you travel in public transport you travel with the local people of Lahore then you most learn about the people of Lahore.

Disadvantages of Public Transport

  1. In Lahore City every public transport assigned a specific route. Some time you have to change number of public transports to reach at your destination. This changing waste your time.
  2. Every public transport has its fixed schedule you have stand for waiting area when select public transport for your travelling in the city Lahore
  3. During peak hour public transport is fill with crowd and it is very difficult to travel in peak hour many time in peak hours’ seats are not available and people travel by standing in the buss.
  4. In summer season travelling in public transport in Lahore is too much difficult because due to crowd in public transport Air condition do not work and it is difficult to travel in afternoon.
  5. The one who comes in Lahore for the first time he has to learn which buss he has to select that take him to his destination some time two to three busses have to change to reach at the destination. It is the difficult for those who comes for the first time in the Lahore City.


For businessman our leisure Travelers selecting rent a car gives them freedom to explore and visit number of places within a short period of time. On the other hand, public transportation gives only one major benefit that is, its reduces you’re travelling cost but on the other hand its takes your time. The traveler has to select whether he want to save his Cash or is he want to save his time?