Buying car is easy but maintaining it expensive day by day for economy class. The car has great importance in our life that has become a fundamental necessity in our modern life. All we know, the fuel prices in Pakistan and worldwide are increasing day by day. There is no doubt that it has become a global problem, and a common man can’t afford such high fuel prices. However, with the experts’ help, we have gathered some tips to increase fuel average consumption of your car. We assure you by following these tips; your car would run smoothly in your budget fuel.

Average Fuel Consumption of Cars 

Average fuel consumption is the measurement of fuel required to travel a car for 100km (L/100Km). The average consumption of fuel for cars in 1978 was 17 mpg (13.8L/100Km). However, in 1982 it improved up to 22 mpg (10.7L/100Km). New 2019 model cars in the USA have average fuel consumption range up to 12 to 56 mpg (20 to 4.2 L/100 km).

“An outstanding efficiency of fuel for cars is 5 to 8 liters per 100Km. The average fuel efficiency is 8 to 10 liters per 100Km. More than 12 liters per 100Km is considered poor fuel efficiency that is harmful for your car.”

The diesel cars require 1 Litter to travel 16.5Km. With the improvement of technology and scientific research, scientists are trying to increase fuel average consumption and the less emission of CO2 in the environment with the same amount of transport activity.

Top 10 Tips to Increase Fuel Average Consumption of Your Car

In this fast and furious life, a car is not used for travelling, but it reflects the personality that let people judge your status. According to research, the average time spent in a car by a man is 101 minutes. Fuel consumption is a phenomenon because it is vital to propel a vehicle; however, it becomes a matter of concern when your car starts consuming more fuel than it used to consume.

Here are some tips to increase the average fuel consumption

Repair Faulty Engine

According to an expert car mechanic, if your car’s engine is not properly maintained and tuned, it starts consuming more fuel. This process will lead to a decline in your car’s engine fuel efficiency. So for increasing average fuel consumption, get your car’s faulty engine repaired as soon as possible. 

Don’t use Air Condition (AC) unless you really want

It is always recommended by experts that don’t use AC unless you really want. The reason is that AC needs engine power that increases fuel consumption. 

Check your tire pressure

Checking your tire pressure once in a week is an excellent practice to increase your car’s fuel average consumption. It is noted that under-inflated tires always burn more fuel. 

Drive in the highest gear possible

Driving in the highest gear possible is also good to save fuel. For example, if you’re driving at 60Km/h in the third gear, your car would consume 25% more fuel than it would in fifth gear. 

Drive steadily to improve fuel consumption

If you’re really concerned about the high fuel consumption, then try to drive steadily. Speeding up abruptly or slowing down can consume a lot of fuel. 

Keep your gas or petrol cap fully sealed

The gas cap contains a rubber that prevents air from entering the fuel tank. However, unfortunately, with the passage of time, this rubber seal degrades that results in the leakage of fuel. 

Always use the recommended fuel type

If you’re concerned about to increase fuel average consumption of your car, then always use the recommended fuel type of your car. 

Make sure the regular maintenance of your car

Regular maintenance and service decrease your car’s fuel consumption, but it also increases the life span of your car. 

Avoid rough roads

Rough roads have more resistance that results in more consumption of fuel. If you’re planning on a tour, always keep in mind that you choose a safe and healthy road for your drive.

Remove excess weight from your car

If fuel consumption is an excellent matter for you, then remove extra unnecessary things from your car. For this process, remove the roof track and dispose of the rubbish. Remove other extra things like playing items, toys, bags, and any other thing that you think unnecessary.