The world’s 27th highest mountain Rakaposhi mountain

Rakaposhi, at 7,788 metres (25,561 ft), is the world’s 27th-highest mountain. It is located in the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan. Rakaposhi word drives from the local language its meaning in English is  “shining wall”. The mountain is notable for its near-vertical relief as it rises 4,000 metres (13,000 ft) over the Hunza Valley in only 12 kilometres (7.5 mi).

History of Summit Rakaposhi Mountain

Rakaposhi was first summit in 1958 by Captan Mike Banks and Tom Patey, members of a British-Pakistani expedition. Since then, it has become a popular climbing destination, with several hundred summit attempts per year. The easiest and most popular route to the summit is via the Northwest Ridge, which was first climbed by Austrian climbers Fritz Wintersteller and Hermann Buhl in 1960.

The northwest face of Rakaposhi was not climbed until 1974 when a six-man British team completed the first ascent. The team consisted of Chris Bonington, Doug Scott, Mo Anthoine, Penny Orr (the only woman on the team), Hamish McInnes, and Pete Crew. The climb was notable for its technical difficulties and for the fact that it was done in Alpine style (i.e., without fixed ropes or camps).

Since then, the northwest face has seen several more ascents, most recently by an all-Pakistani team in 2012. In total, there have been fewer than 20 successful ascents of this challenging route.

Rakaposhi Mountain for general Tourist

This Rakaposhi mountain gives a beautiful look from different areas of Hunza Valley if you want to take a full look of this beautiful mountain you have two routes one is Rakaposhi viewpoint and the second is besel cricket ground.

Rakaposhi view point location is at karakoram highway when you move from hunza karimabad to Gilgit after a 30-minute drive Rakaposhi viewpoint at the road will come. At this point, hotels and restaurants are available you can spend the night here. If you want to take more close view you can move toward Rakaposhi basecamp from this viewpoint. From Rakaposhi viewpoint to Rakaposhi basecamp distance is of about 4 hours in which 1 hour is jeep track and 2 to 3 hour is hiking. At Rakaposhi view point zipline available for tourisit which gives one of the amazing experience to taking zipline at the front of world 27th highest mountain.

The second look of Rakaposhi mountain you can view from besel cricket ground. This Cricket ground is one of the most beautiful cricket grounds of the world. When you move toward hunza from Gilgit before starting hunza city a road turn left toward besel village. This is a jeep track you can take jeep at rent  which takes you toward besel cricket ground. From basel cricket ground to rakaposhi base camp is of about 2 hour hiking.


Rakaposhi is a popular climbing destination thanks to its dramatic relief and easily accessible location. With dozens of summit attempts each year, it’s clear that this mountain will continue to be a favourite among adventure seekers for years to come.

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