Everybody loves snowfall, is it right?And living in a  country that is filled with a plethora of majestic, pretty, and eavesdropping views scenarios is not less than a blessing. People of other countries crave such blessings. So why not take full advantage of it and plan a trip with family or friends? The next thing is to decide the place to visit which is Malam Jabba. Malam Jabba a desire tourism hub is eagerly waiting for you to pay a visit and allure yourselves with its captivating beauty. So why you must visit Malam Jabba in your life? Because of these reasons which are chair lift, Samson resort, weather, zip line, skiing, biryani, picture point, snowfall, and accommodation. Swat, also known as the  Switzerland of Pakistan, and Malam Jabba play a central role in this way.


Malam Jabba is a marvelous hill station located nearly 40km from Saida Sharif, KPK. Kaeokaram mountain is a range that surrounds this fantastic valley. It’s 314km far away from Islamabad. It offers unlimited beautiful scenes to its visitors. Snow skiing is the main reason for its popularity. It is the only resort that is run and managed by Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation. The slope of this resort is about 800m. So, if you like snow skiing, then Malam Jabba should be your top priority in Pakistan.


The history of Malam Jabba goes back to 2000 years at the time of Swat rule. It was officially discovered by the government, regarding its skiing history. Later the government started to lose the handle over this skiing resort in 2005 and in 2007 the activities stopped.

Facilities For Lodging:

Malam Jabba is more desired than any other resort in Swat due to its development and natural beauty. All kinds of lodging facilities are available here to resist the tourists from any type of disappointment. Malam Jabba is an outstanding place for spending your summer or winter vacations.


Malam Jabba has all the modern facilities. Malam Jabba is more perfect for skiing as it receives heavy snowfall in winters in winters. Also, the facilities and equipment used are skiing like sticks, skates, sleds, and lifts are easily available to the public. It is recommended that you stay in the resort or wherever you are staying if you foresee rain or a heavy snowfall coming your way and see the weather forecast before heading out.

Ice Skating:

Ice Skating is another very appropriate option that amused you so much and you will love it. If you don’t want to ski then skate freely is the best option in Malam Jabba.


Malam Jabba is awesome due to the variety of offers. Other than skiing and skating you even do trekking among these gigantic mountains.  Malam Jabba offers two trekking trails. One passes through Ghorband valley and Shangle top while the other from Sabonev valley.

Skiing Championship:

If you are still not able to understand the beauty of Malam Jabba then let me tell you about the skiing championships. Even if you do not know how to ski, there will be proper training about it. In the winter season, height and snow lovers from Pakistan and all over the world come to visit this heaven. All the Malan Jabba’s mountains are covered with white snow showing that someone has entered into fairyland or nirvana.

Fun with the snow:

Who does not like to play with snow? Malan Jabba is the ”dream tourist place” in both the summer and winter seasons but when the mountains covered by snow charmed everyone’s heart more. You can build different figures from snow and also throw this snow by making a ball on your beloved one with a killing smile.


Malan Jabba is home to the Swat Valley famous ski resort is located at an elevation of 9,199ft in KPK, Pakistan. The Malan Jabba ski resort area is at a distance of 45km from Mingora. It served as s famous tourist destination. The Malan Jabba ski resort in Swat is the biggest and most visited ski resort in Pakistan. This famous ski resort is located in the high snow-capped mountains of Malan Jabba at the Hindu Kuch range which provides an ideal location for skiing. The beauty of Malan Jabba is beyond words. I am sure you will have an unforgettable trip filled with a lot of golden memories captured in photographs and your mind.