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New 5 Cars Going to introduce in pakistan

Post ByAnjum    11-21-18

Now it is a great opportunity for rent a car companies to purchase different model and different type vehicle and extend its product range and attract more customer due to new emerging automobile market. After a long period monopoly of Honda and Toyota now new world famous companies are entering into market of Pakistan with their beautiful brand of vehicles and going to introduce new cars in pakistan. Now is someone search rent a car in Lahore he will have wide range of vehicle options.

Multinational Automobile Manufacturers are planning to enter in Potential Pakistan automobile Market by their famous brands. Following are 05 Cars which are Automobile Manufactures who are coming soon to Pakistan and will launched their product

  1. United Bravo

United Pakistan has launched their First car Bravo which cost is Rs 850,000. United bravo is direct competitor of Zuzuki Mehran. It is 800 CC Car and price is near to Mehran car and features are better then Mehran.

Will united bravo get the market share? Is united bravo is better then Mehran? Will united bravo will have resale value? Is united bravo has reliability like mehran car? Is united bravo has cheap spare parts like mehran car. These large range of question right now exist but no one has their answer. We will get the answer of these question after some time when people start using this car and provide their feedback

  1. KIA Grand Carnival

Kia one of the famous company is considering to launch their product in Pakistan soon

  1. Nishat Motor

Nishat motors with joint ventures win hundai are considering to launched their product in 2019. They establish their manufacturing plant in Faisalabad

  1. Datsun Redi go.

Nissan motors is considering a new entry in Pakistan automobile market with partner Gandhara Nisan ltd and manufacture Datsun model

  1. Renault duster

Company bringing Duster-2018 in to Pakistan market. It is manurfatures by Dacia

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