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Car Rental Tips

Post Byfaheem    11-21-18

If you are considering or making a decsion to take rent a car in lahore you need to read following suggetion. we discuss in detail car rental suggetions in below article which help you to choose best company, best car, and at low cost.
if you need more assistance or guidence about selecting car rental company you can contact with askari rent a car customer support

1) Insurance

Get the car with fully insurance. normally car rental companies charge extra from you for insurance. get the clarification of quoted price either it is with insurance or without insurance. getting insured car lock you risk

2) Fuel Cost

carefully read car rental company fuel policy. Some companies will give you full of fuel tank and when you return vehicle you return with full fuel tank. some companies charge from you fix cost of fuel and give you KM Allowed to travel. we recomend you select car with full of fuel tank and return it with full of fuel tank

3) Age

consider minimum age requirements of car rental company in order to avoide any unfavourable circumctances. some car rental companies demand the driver must be 21 year or above and some demand 25 or above 

4) Refrence

Car Rental companies normaly demand from you, your reference for security point of view they may see orignal documents of your home or demand you to show your financial health in pakistan before giving you vehicle. it is importanct for you to  prepare yourself and arrange your security references berfore finding car rental companies

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