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New Automobile Companies entrance in pakistan

Post ByFarhad    10-22-18

The automotive industry of Pakistan is considered amongst one of the fastest growing industries in Pakistan providing work resources for more than 1.8 Million people of diff of Pakistan. At present there are about 3200 manufacturing plants operating in the country which are providing vehicles(1.8 million motorcycles and 200, 000 cars) of different standards and prices to fullfill the need of different class of people. These Manufacturing units are having a worth of about Rs 92 billion (870 million dollars). The automobile market of Pakistan is considered as the smallest but also the fastest growing industry in Asia. According to the research more than 180, 000 cars were sold in year 2014-15 and it rose its prominence in year 2016-17 to the sum of 206, 777.
At present the Automobile market is ruled by Honda, Toyota and Suzuki Pakistan. it is seen their is not perfect competition in automobile market in pakistan. But Now scenerio is going to change in pakistan. Now government take the initiatives and Pakistan has passed the "Auto-Policy 2017-21" this policy offers tax incentives to new automakers to step inside the auto making industry of Pakistan and to establish their manufacturing plants in Pakistan. Many different automaker companies have shown their interests in entering the Pakistani market i.e Nissan, Renault, Volkswagen and Kia etc.
Hyundai was very well-known cars brand in Pakistan untill 2004 when it's partner Deewan Farooq motors went bankrupt. Before this incident Hyundai used to manufacture cars in Pakistan until 2004.its car like sentro was very famous and consider good economical vehicle. But now Hyundai has shown interest in coming back to Pakistan's automobile industry by partnering with Nishat Mills. Hyundai Motors have signed an agreement plan with Nishat Mills to promote the latest technology vehicles in Pakistan and to loosen the grip of Toyota, Honda and Suzuki in Pakistan. This joint automobile venture "Hyundai Nishat" is based in Lahore, Pakistan. Hyundai Nishat is an authorized assembler and manufacturer of Hyundai vehicles in Pakistan and will start their production of vehicles in Pakistan from year 2019 in their Faisalabad plant. Hyundai has shown interest in launching four new vehicles in Pakistan which includes
Hyundai Tucson, Having all advanced features of latest technology in 2.8 Million rupees (expected price). Engine 2000, Horsepower 155, Mileage 10-13km/Liter.
Hyundai Creta which will be having a seating capacity of 5 and will be available in 1.4 and 1.6 engines, This car will also contain all latest features. Price will be updated soon.
This car is being produced by Hyundai since 1990. This car is currently in its 6th generation phase having all latest technology features and a powerful engine of 2.0, 5 seating capacity. Price not confirmed yet.
This car is also known as Hyundai accent and it is being produced by Hyundai since 1994, This car is in its 6th generation now. This car when launched in India was having four different engines of 1.4 and 1.6. It's price is not confirmed yet.
On the other hand, United motors which is the most selling motorcycle brand in Pakistan is also showing its interest in participating in manufacturing of automobile vehicles in Pakistan to take the Pakistani automobile industry to next level. The company is building its own manufacturing plant in Lahore, Pakistan and it is revealed that the company will launch 800cc car and 1000cc pickup in year 2018. It is expected that the company will launch these vehicles within the first six months of year 2018. The company will surely diversify the local auto industry of Pakistan. With the launch of new 800cc car the aim of the company is to attract the customers who buy 800cc Mehran. According to the news the car will be lesser in price than the Suzuki Mehran. The expected price of this car is 6 lacs Pkr which is not a bad deal in place of Mehran.

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