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Rent a car for Wedding Function

Post ByJavaid    10-22-18

Every groom wants to bring his bride in Luxury Vehicle, Using Luxury vehicle build his Good impression in front of his family member. Not everyone can afford these luxury vehicles. even if he affords capital cost but running cost affordability is difficult. The best option to hire these type of vehicle is to Find Rent a car in Lahore.

 He can hire these type of Luxury Vehicles From Car Rental Companies in this article I want to tell you how much cost of hiring these type of luxury vehicle

  1. Toyota Corolla

The most commonly used vehicle that is mostly use by people is Toyota Corolla GLI, This vehicle is easily available at Lower cost for your wedding Function at affordable price following is Price Detail of This Vehicle

Rs 3500  (Within City Lahore)

Rs 4500 (Outside Lahore)

So you can see this is easily affordable

  1. Honda Civic

During wedding season there is great demand of Honda Civic 2017 and 2018 Model. This Vehicle is costly then Toyota Corolla

Rs 7000 (Within City Lahore)

Rs 8500( Outside Lahore)

  1. Toyota Prado

Toyota Prado is include in luxury vehicles This vehicle is costly then Honda Civic, This Vehicles has great demand during wedding season

Rs 12000 (Within City Lahore)

Rs 15000 (outside City Lahore)

  1. Audi A6

Audi include in Luxury Vehicles This vehicle has demand but not more then Prado

Rs 45000 (Within City Lahore)

Rs 55000( Outside City Lahore)

  1. Audi A3

This Model of audi is cheapers then audi a6

Rs 30000 (Within City Lahore)

Rs 45000 (Outside Lahore)


By analyzing above cost now it is easy for you to make decision to select vehicle by considering your budget

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