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Renting a Van or Renting a Car which is cheaper

Post ByAsif    10-22-18

If you are Acting as Manager operation or Admin manager in a Company and in your assignment include to arrange Transportation for the movement of Staff, then you have to make Number of Decision regarding selecting best transport at best Price. The First you will definitely do to search at google Rent a car in Lahore, and make a list of car rental supplier near to your location.

Selecting Which type of vehicle depends upon your requirement like how many people you have to travel? The time period of your travel? What type of staff you have to travel like executive of your company? travel of large number of people of same rank? by analyzing this data in detail then you make your final requirements to present to car rental company

Renting van or car for one-day trip

We mostly get query what to hire for one-day trip of our 9 to 10-person people to visit Waga boarder Lahore and Minare pakistan here I want to give you detail analysis regarding it.

Per day rent of van is Rs 6000 and the variable fuel cost is Rs 14 Per Km, The Total capacity of vehicle is 13 Person The per person Rent Fixed cost will be Rs 461 per person and if you travel 150 km then variable cost per person will be 161 Per Person the total cost per person is Rs 622 Per Person. So if you have 13 Person in your Group then definitely selecting van is cheaper then selecting 3 Cars which definitely cost you more.

So if you have 8 Person in your Group then per person Fixed cost will be Rs 750 and Variable Cost under 150 Km Travel Rs 262 Per Person Total cost will be Rs 1012 Per Person.

On the other hand if you hire two vehicles Then Fixd Rent cost will be Rs 5600 Per Head Cost will be Rs 700 Per Head and Variable Cost Rs 8.8 Per Km under 150 Km Travel will be Rs 165 Per Head and Total Cost Will be Rs 865 Per Head

So by analyzing above Data we make a conclusion that if you have large number of people Like 13 then Selecting Van for car rent service provider company is cheap which cost you Rs 622 Per Head. On the other hand, if you have few people and your people can adjust in two vehicles then selecting two cars is better than to hire a large van which cost you Rs 865 per head

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