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Cheap Transport For Travelling From Lahore to Muree

Post ByUsman    10-22-18

If you are planning of family trip at this summer to visit Muree then below transpiration related Information provided will be very helpful for you to find cheapest transportation solution

Transportation for Muree:

There is not good direct Public transport availability from Lahore to Muree, public transport from Rawalpindi to Muree is Easyly available. Daewoo offers bus service from Lahore to Rawalpindi drop at Rs 1220 and from Rawalpindi to Muree Rs 330 and total cost is Rs 1550 One Side and two side total Cost will be 3100.

Now the question arises whether This Cost is Affordable if you have 13 Family Members? when you get quote from car rental company of Hiace Grand Cabin for 4 Days They will offer your Rate Rs 41000 Including Visiting Some Points in Muree. but for local transportation like Daewoo will Be Rs 40,300 Plus extra Cost of hiring local transport from muree to visit different locations in muree it will cost you round about 15000.

By analyzing this we can make conclusion Hiring Private Transportation from car rental company is economical then using public transportation for your Trip to Muree. Now I want to put your intention to some other benefits of hiring private company.

By hiring private transport save your lot of time like first you have to book your seats from Lahore to Rawalpindi. Daewoo offers two departure time from Rawalpindi to Muree one is at 8:00 am and second is 2:00 pm and from Lahore to Rawalpindi time is 5:00 am to 9:45 am is available and second time 8:45 am to 01:00 pm so you need to arrive at station at least 30 minute before.

By hiring private transport from car rental company save your time of finding vehicles and waiting for transport and you can utilize your time properly. One another benefit of hiring transport from car rental company is you can stop anywhere your vehicle at any spot if you have kinds with you or older family member in your family trip then these people cannot travel long and they need rest, hiring private vehicle give benefit you at this place and you can stop wherever you want.

In your family tip by hiring van from rent a car company you can include visiting visiting shah faisal masjid, shakr paria in your Lahore-Muree family tirp and make your trip memorable

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