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Tips For Safe Driving

Post ByJohnson    10-22-18

From the last few years Trend has been change in Pakistan to Drive safer vehicles at safer roads, As policies and Laws rationalize government force car manufacturing companies to make safer vehicles and add safety equipment’s Like Airbags, ABS Breaks in vehicle. Now we can see that now in Cultus, Toyota Corolla has Airbags and ABS Break which was not available from 3 years Before.  

With the introduction of technology in Pakistan and development of road infrastructure and public campaign running by Punjab Traffic police that made most of us safer driver. Pakistan bureau of statics issue data about number of accidents in Pakistan, by reference to their issued data No of accident were 10466 in year 2007 and in 2016 it is 9100 There is 13% Reduction in accident rate from year 2007. Government struggling to reduce this figure by spreading Driving awareness and developing strict traffic Policies.

Improvement in technology like (safety erumpent in Vehicles, Awareness of driving)  not doubt will help to bring this accidental figure down but most of the accidents are the result of driver mistakes. There is need to embed safe Driving Behavior in People by Training, Strict Policies,Fiines, Tough Passing criteria for license here I want to mentioned some tips for sage drive

Follow allowed speed limits at road the major cause of the accident is not following speed limit, I have seen many drivers they drive fast when they see there is no traffic at road even if there is no traffic at road you should remain in allowed speed limit

Check your car carefully like Tires conditions especially when you go for long Drive. Vehicle tires should save accurate air pressure and they should not outdated, your vehicle breaks should be proper working and hand break should be accurate in working

Check and adjust your mirror before start driving back mirror and side mirror need to be fine condition

Wear your seat belt before driving, from last 2 years Traffic police is full active and fine the person who not wear seat belt. So wear seat belt to avoide challan and any serious damage

Get Updates about Weather Condition,Fog because the bad visibility is the result of Fog,rain and strong wind that cause accident. In these conditions you need to drive slow

Open your tracker and tell tracking company in advance your route of travelling. If you active service to Lock vehicle automatically when you cross your defined area then your vehicle will lock automatically that may cause the serious accident

Keep the distance from your neighbored vehicles during Driving, others mistakes may cause damage to your vehicle by keeping this distance you will have time to manage yourself if any mistake occur



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