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Tips for Stress Free car rent selection

Post BySteave    10-22-18

It Normally happened when you arrive at Airport after a long Flight and you become tired and just look to get car that reached you at your destination so you get relax and make yourself fresh.

Give your only Few minutes familiarize yourself with vehicle rental company you will save your lot of Time. Here we mentioned few tips that will help to get ride yourself any car rental hassle

Check Your Vehicle Carefully

When car rental company Representative handover you vehicle check your vehicle carefully like any existing damages, and note it down and make picture with car rental company representative to avoid any unfair damage for you.  

Get the familiarity of Vehicle

Check all control buttons including air-condition of vehicle in the presence of car rental company representative and don’t hesitate just ask question if you have any un clarity about any vehicle control function. If you don’t get the familiarity at the time of handing over of vehicle that will waste your time in term of calling car rental company representative to ask different vehicle function.

Lear Local Driving Law

Make research of local driving Laws in country where you want to visit Like did you have Your Local Country Driving License? Are you familiar with this country/City/Province Driving Rules? Have you international Driving License? Have you License of vehicle which you are going to Drive? Like HTV, LTV, Car Jeep. All these questions need to be answered before taking decision about Rent a car

Make sure vehicle Insurance

Only Take Vehicle From that car Rental Company which make sure that vehicle is Insured. Get the vehicle Insurance document copy to understand how much insurance is covered by insurance company. Many car rental companies offer vehicles which are insured but they ask to clients that their vehicles are not insure and in case of any damage they claim extra from client and get insurance from insured company

Check your vehicle Before Returning

Before returning your vehicle to car rental company check your vehicle and take out all your things from vehicle and return in same condition in which you get from them

Check your Payment Papers

Finally, when you plan for your Trip make sure your Credit Card, Debit Card, Visa, Passport. Sometime car rental company get your Passport from you for security purpose and get your passport from them when you return your vehicle

By Following Above Mentioned Tips I hope you can make your better car rental experience

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