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Tips for tour of Nortern areas of pakistan in winter

Post ByRaheel    04-20-18

Visit Northern area we decided in January, people told us the only who had insanity to drive in Northern area in winter can drive. However, road trip up to shogran was great in January. Northern areas of pakistan is a tough winter, but beautiful. Continue reading More Travel Tips in Northern areas of pakistan, if you want to make adventure in this winter season of Driving at snow.

Winter season is magical. Visiting Ice Caves at roads, which only forms in the winter season, was one of the best scene which we seen during our trip . Similarly, we were able to save money on accommodation at Shogran and manshera, explore Shogran without crowds.

Having a car is helpful because many tours, including an adventure trip provider companies in Northern areas, charge extra for transportation with their price. You can save money by meeting with those adventure tour providers who have their own fleet of transportation.

If you are not experienced Driver to drive car at snow then I suggest hire 4WD vehicle, because driving 4wd vehicle give you more control over vehicle

In winter season no one can drive fast because of low visibility, snowstorm and limited daylight

Tracking and hiking in winter season is dangerous due to snowstorm. In case of any accident finding hospital is difficult because in northern areas there is not proper safety services offer by government

Weather at northern areas in winter can be very bad. Day light hours are from 07:00 am to 05:00 Pm and snow storms reduce visibility to almost at zero level, sometime roads block due to snowfall so you should not to take risk to drive after shogran

If you don’t have 4wd vehicle then I prefer rent manual vehicle not automatic because by keeping vehicle in gares you can have good  control on your vehicle speed .

Don’t try to drive too long. Make your stops at different places like at any CNG Station of Fuel station for coffee.

There is not any requirement to book in advance your accommodation like summer season. Accommodation is easily available in winter season the room which the hotel owners offer at Rs 10,000 in Summer season it available at Rs 2000 in winter season

I recommend to take car rent service with driver from car rental company because they have professional drivers and they have the familiarity of areas which you want to visit in case of any problem they can guide you well

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