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Seven Tips to Find Cheap Car Rent Service for Trip to Northern areas

Post ByRaheel    10-22-18

In This article I want to tell your car rental Tips and Strategies for your upcoming leisure Trip of year 2018 for northern areas of Pakistan. Did you know there is direct relation of car rental rates with Demand and Supply? Read following below points carefully to save your money during High price fluctuation During this summer season of year 2018.

As you plan for your Northern area tip include no of days of trip, food, accommodation. you have to plan like that for Rent a car for northern areas visit. Car rental remain second largest expense of your Trip First is accommodation is northern areas and third is Fuel. Accommodation cost can be avoided by camping not take room at rent but other two costs cannot be avoided but can reduce by your best planning

1) search different car rental companies and get their rates and make comparison, also make comparison of taking vehicle from different city like if we take vehicle from Islamabad what will be rate? And if we take vehicle at rent from mansehra then what will be rate?

2)Make your booking in advance

3)Normally leisure car rental season Start From April and end in September, to avoide the fluctuation of rates make your reservation in advance and get written acknowledgment from car rental company

4)Check available Discounts offer by different companies at their website

5)Take the photo of car with car rental company representative person and it will be best if you make video. Then car rental company will not put any extra claim if you return car in case of any damage

6)Once you make your car rental reservation then check different deals which are available you may find a deal which is cheapest then your selected deal that will reduce your cost

7) Make sure the price which are quoting by car rental company for your trip is final? Because some car rental companies show low price to win customer and after this they add taxes Decide car rental closing time car rental company consider 12:00 Night as their closing Time if you hire car at 7:00 Pm then at mid night 12:00 your one day will complete and after that they will charge from you extra. Design your trip accordingly to avoided any d       Back to Page



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