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Post ByAsi    09-23-18

Tourism season is just rising up in Pakistan and people from almost all over the world are showing their interests in visiting Pakistan, especially Northern areas of Pakistan which are the main reason of attraction of Tourists. Many Rent a Car companies and other private Tourism companies are serving to the people. Northern areas of Pakistan are the most beautiful and breathtaking places, Some of the places are declared as the most beautiful places of the world. Pakistan is a country with many gorgeous natural views and these natural views are the main attraction and cause of the present rising condition of Tourism in Pakistan. One of the places "Swat" is known as "Switzerland of the East".
There are many tourism companies which are providing reasonable servic...
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New Automobile Companies entrance in pakistan

Post ByFarhad    09-23-18

The automotive industry of Pakistan is considered amongst one of the fastest growing industries in Pakistan providing work resources for more than 1.8 Million people of diff of Pakistan. At present there are about 3200 manufacturing plants operating in the country which are providing vehicles(1.8 million motorcycles and 200, 000 cars) of different standards and prices to fullfill the need of different class of people. These Manufacturing units are having a worth of about Rs 92 billion (870 million dollars). The automobile market of Pakistan is considered as the smallest but also the fastest growing industry in Asia. According to the research more than 180, 000 cars were sold in year 2014-15 and it rose its prominence in year 2016-17 to the sum of 206, 777.
At present the Automobi...
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Take a Private Vehicle or Select Tour Management company For your Leisure Trip

Post BySafdar    09-23-18

Book your summer holiday This year 2018 in Hunza Vally? If yes then it is too good because Hunza is the safest and most beautiful place to spend your summer holiday.  Book your car From best rent a car in Lahroe service Provider, Askari Rent a car is one of them. Booking Starts From Rs 4500 Per Day and enjoy your Drive Around the Hunza vally

Karimabad is the Capital of Hunza gives a inspiring view of Rakaposhi. Specially in the moon light the snow of rakaposhi gives an amzing view

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