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Most Expensive Car Rental Mistakes

Post BySteave    04-20-18

Before the arrival of summer many people start planning of spending summer vacation, now the summer holidays are near to come. Whether you are planning to spend summer holiday within Pakistan or outside the Pakistan avoid major car hiring mistakes which most people do due to lack of car hiring experience.

1. Not Get the complete Price from car rental company

Car re...       Read More

Shandoor Polo Festival 2018

Post ByRaheel    04-20-18

One of the famous Polo Festival of balawaristan, Pakistan which organized every year In the month of July on Shandhur Top in chitral, its name as Shandoor polo Festival. Number of tourist come across the world and local area people for this festival which played between the teams of Chitrall and Gilgit baldistan. Shandur pass is located in district of chitral, its top is flat

It is said that the initiation of polo game i...       Read More

Tips for tour of Nortern areas of pakistan in winter

Post ByRaheel    04-20-18

Visit Northern area we decided in January, people told us the only who had insanity to drive in Northern area in winter can drive. However, road trip up to shogran was great in January. Northern areas of pakistan is a tough winter, but beautiful. Continue reading More Travel Tips in Northern areas of pakistan, if you want to make adventure in this winter season of Driving at snow.

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